Sunday, 10 January 2010

New Year's Resolutions

Ok so it might be alittle bit late to start coming up with resolutions for 2010 but I've had them in mind for a while so I thought I should put virtual pen to virtual paper and get them out in the open rather than keep them all to myself. Doing it this way means I'm leaving myself open to nudges from the family and anybody else who gets to see this.

Here goes:

  • Lose a bit of weight and try to keep it off with a bit of extra exercise
  • Try to save a little more and spend a little less 
  • Spend more time with my family
  • Start donating blood again
  • Start a blog and post to it regularly

The first one is easy enough, I've lost about a stone since Christmas so now I've just got to make sure I lay off the Cherry Coke and Mars Bars to keep it off. Saving a bit of money isn't too hard, it's just a matter of doing a budget and making sure I spend less than I earn.

 I definitely like to spend more time with my wife and daughter and make sure these relationships are good so I'm going to make sure I spend less time doing idle browsing on the internet when I could be spending time doing my university work. If I can spend less time procrastinating then I can have more time for fun things so that's got to be my motivation there I think.

With regards to donating blood, I went a few times a couple of years back but I'm not great with needles and seeing my own blood makes me feel more than a bit faint sometimes so I stopped going. I've got to believe that I can get over these minor phobias if I go frequently enough. It's also an act of altruism that I think that everybody can do really, it costs nothing except a bit of time so I've got no excuses really. 

Ok, so that's my list. I'll come back and have a look at further down the line and review how i'm doing with them. That will help me to keep resolution number five after all.

Anybody else got any resolutions that they want to share? Any suggestions how I can best keep my solemn vows?


  1. Instead of only writing myself a 'To Do' list, I've started to write out a 'To Stop' list.

    Each day I put down the things I have to do on the 'To Do' list (obviously) and on the 'To Stop' list I put things down like:

    - Tea breaks every hour
    - Fag breaks with the tea break

    On my 'To Do' list I do the hardest task first each day, that way I don't keep putting the worst jobs off (which results in them rolling over until the next day).

    I'd like to maintain a blog, I've started about eight over time, but never kept them up. Either that or I realised that my writing was dull as funk, which resulted in deletion!

  2. I think you just need to try to make a habit of writing a blog. It doesn't matter if your content isn't that great, after all you wouldn't expect to be a marathon runner if you just go out and try to run one. You've got to work at it and have faith that you'll improve given sufficient practice.

    I'm going to try to commit to no more than one post per week, that was I can think about what I'm going to write and not just bash out a few words like I have been.