Saturday, 9 January 2010

A Walk In The Park

Managed to find a break in the snow this morning so i could walk my dog, Lenny the Lakeland Terrier. We both had a great time, I got my daily hour of walking in and Len had a chance to eat as much snow as he could shake a stick at. Britain is covered in snow at the moment and I can't remember seeing so much snow as this in my life which stretches back further than I might like to admit.

I decided to take a few pictures and kill two birds with one stone. I made a few resolutions this year and included in them were starting (and maintaining) a blog and also to take more pictures. I think if i can keep up with both throughout January then it ought to help me to form some new habits. After that it should be automatic in theory.

So another cold day but at least there wasn't much of a wind so it was nice to be out in it with the dog. He's a good lad and likes being out in his little Parka jacket.

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