Wednesday, 24 February 2010

I've been doing a lot of work on my degree lately. Took a few days off from work to do my quantitative research project and worked really hard on it. I was really pleased with it when I submitted it but had some problems with the formatting of it because I was using a combination of Open Office and Google Docs which seems to mess up when it's imported into Microsoft Office Word. I don't like to use Windows software unless I have to as a rule, more about that some other time. Anyway, I had to save my work, copy it over to the remote servers where I work and use Word there to make sure it was all formatted correctly before I emailed it in to my tutor.

I went through the project before I sent it, made sure I was happy with it and celebrated in true rock and roll fashion with a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle and a cup of tea.

I got my work back this week and got 80% for it, which is B grade. I was quite happy with this until I read the comments I received for the work. Apparently I'd missed out one of the sheets from SPSS, the statistical package I needed to use to analyse and crunch the numbers from the tests I'd done. I checked in my old .odf version that was output from Open Office and it was in there but when I checked the .doc version that came from Microsoft Word, it wasn't. I really should have made doubly sure it was all present and correct before I sent it in I guess because I lost 6% according to the feedback for not including it because it meant my work lacked evidence that I'd used SPSS to get my results. An extra 6% would have nudged me into the A grade bracket so I'll not be making that mistake again. I guess I'll have to start using Word from start to finish now when typing up my work even though it leaves a bad taste in my mouth to do so.

Next piece of work it due in a fortnight so I'd better make a start on it and try extra hard for the A grade this time, I'm gutted to have missed out on it this time because of a "technical hitch".