Monday, 13 June 2011

Car Boot Finds: Fat Lava

Some time last year I spotted a vase at a car boot sale that I liked. I picked it up for around £5. It turned out to be German pottery from the 1970s, loosely known as "fat lava" pottery due to the finish of the rough, bubbled glaze. You can see the first piece that I bought in the picture, the orange vase.

This weekend I picked up the tall vase at the back for the meager sum of £3. I quite like it, it's nice to have something a little bit different from all of the identical things you see from places like IKEA. I've got seven fat lava pieces now. Not to everybody's taste but I really like them and like seeking them out in junk shops and boot sales.

The antique collectables of tomorrow? It's possible!


  1. That vase doesn't have grandpa's ashes in it, does it?

    Well, if not, great find! And if it does, um, also a great find?

  2. nice collection you got going