Saturday, 9 November 2013

How to: Install Google Music Manager on OpenSuSe

I like OpenSuSe, it's pretty much what I always have installed on my laptop.

I also like listening to music while I'm working and Google Music is where I keep all of my music. I've got it all on a USB hard drive at home as an additional copy but I like to stream it in Chrome so that I don't have to carry the drive around. That means I need to be able to upload to Google. Whenever I try to install the .rpm for Google Music Manager from the Google website, I run into dependency errors that prevent me from completing the installation.

I've tried installing libqtwebkit from the repository but the installation still fails with the same error. I've also installed qtwebkit from an rpm to see if that will fix it, but still the installation process fails. Is there anything I can do to get this installed? I've got lots of CDs to rip and upload, as well as lots of mp3 files that I've bought (yes, really) from Amazon that I need to get up to Google Music. Is there any other way of doing it without having to build a Windows VM.

Well actually, yes there is. We can just install it without qtwebkit from the command line using the "no dependencies" option:

linux-97l1:~ # rpm -i --nodeps /home/mugwriter/Downloads/google-musicmanager-beta_current_x86_64.rpm

So while it has now been installed with a missing dependency, it still works and I can still get my music up to the Google flavoured cloud and I can still download my entire library if I wish. Everything seems to work fine, I believe QTwebkit is only used for rendering and formatting web pages. So while the installation perhaps isn't as stylish as it may be with all dependencies, it does work. 

That's really all we need right?

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